Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Opening

<---- See her? That's my life right there. My world revolves around her every second of every day, and I wouldn't change it for anything. She shall be referred to as Miss M. Miss M enjoys food. Seriously enjoys food -- eating it, seeing it, and sticking it in her nose and ears. (Yes.) She loves baths, begs for them. Squeals in eardrum-shattering delight any time she sees an animal of any sort. Reading books, running, dancing, singing, twirling in dizzying circles, and playing in the rain are among her favorites as well.

She says a multitude of words... surprises me every day with what she repeats. She picks up on things SO quickly. Is the most polite 18 month old I've met, saying please and thank you with no prompting at all.

She pats my back when she hugs me, as if she can sense that I need it. She's stingy with her kisses. (It absolutely crushes me when she denies me of one!) She's ticklish from head to toe, has an infectious belly laugh, can make herself burp on purpose, puts absolutely EVERYTHING in her mouth, has decided she's a big girl and wants to sit on the potty... and so much more.

She has no daddy, just someone who has chosen to be nothing more to her than a sperm donor. she doesn't know the word 'daddy.' But that's okay. She's got an amazing amount of love and support from my family... grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and beyond -- as well as daily caregivers who give her structure and adore her. And hopefully, I'll someday have a man in my life who will LOVE to be a daddy to her. I've surrounded her with a great group of people, and while she doesn't know the concept of a daddy, she DOES know what it is to be loved and happy.

That's my Miss M, my sunshine, my life, in a nutshell.